We help you to transform your organization

Business Agility Transformation

The need for speed has never been greater. You need to accelerate the transformation of customers´ needs into tangible results in their businesses. It’s do or die. This is what Business Agility Transformation is all about.

To improve the processes from understanding the customer needs, wants and underlying problems to be solved, defining a solution to fulfill their needs, creating the solution and then implementing it into their operations to ensure they get the benefits needed is the definition of business agility transformation.


In todays high-speed society, businesses need for change and evolution may sometimes become overwhelming for the people working in the midst of it. Change is usually not something we grow to like as humans but something we grow to accept and adapt to.

By understanding the fundamental brain responses that control our everyday lives we can be able to lead ourselves and our organization proactively towards successful change management.

Lean Agile Center of Excellence​

To succeed with an agile transformation, there are a lot of skills needed. This skill set can only be found in a team of people which need to work closely together to succeed with the agile transformation.

Our Lean-Agile Center of Excellence contains all competences needed to succeed in an agile transformation. It will act as an integral part of your agile transformation team and will  provide the required skills whenever needed.

High Performing Teams

There is a remarkable difference between being a team or being a workgroup. Workgroups are created and expected to work and deliver the end product with quality as high-performing and automotive teams. Furthermore, the group members are not equipped with the right tools to create the end product as a high-performing team. 

Agile Management Group has the expertise to help your organizations to create and sustain high-performing teams by educating you in the different critical variables. The way we do this is by infusing neuropsychology in our working process.

Change Management

Traditional change management aims to prepare and support individuals, teams and organizations in making organizational change based on using methods, tools and processes.

At Agile Management Group we understand that change management is something dynamic and that there is no fixed framework on how to lead a successful change management. We therefore use neuropsychology as a foundation in everything we do, adding the necessary tools, methods or processes custom making it for your needs.

Implementing SAFe

We have experienced from several agile transformations and are investing heavily in extending our capabilities to support you in your transformation.

We provide leadership, coaching and human factors skills as well as extensive business and R&D knowledge.

We work in flexible A-M-G Lean-Agile Center of Excellence teams. These teams ensure that the right competence is available when needed. We put special focus on the individual and team level to make sure that everyone is on board and motivated to join this agile transformation.

Agile Program Management

We are experts in leading agile programs consisting of a continuing series of iterations that produces customer value. Facilitating the business and development working tight together, maximizing the value provided to the customers. This includes ensuring the performance and quality of the processes used, but also to focus on the required change management needed to achieve customer success.