This is us

Agile Management Group

I have a dream... as cheesy as it may sound

Working at a large departmentalized consultancy company… what if I had a team which had all of the competence needed for an end to end business agility transformation?! This including business skills, human skills, process skills & technical skills. Of course, these competencies existed in the large departmentalized consultancy company, but divided into several separate units, individually measured on their own profit and with different managers. So, while I was finalizing a record setting year… I decided to move on and live my dream!

Agile Management Group was started in January 2018… introducing the A-M-G Lean-Agile Center of Excellence seamlessly comprising business skills, human skills, process skills & technical skills into one high performing team.

/Hans Hjertqvist

What to expect from us

As a customer of Agile Management Group, you can expect a business-oriented team that will assist you in your transformation of your organization to fulfill the needs of tomorrow. In order to secure this transformation, focus is put on engaging each team and individual to get them motivated to the accelerate speed of change.

As an Agile Management Group employee, you will be part of the
A-M-G Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.
 A very skilled team composed by individuals with specific expert competencies orchestrated to deliver impressive value to our customers.

Our core values

At Agile Management Group we see that our success is fully dependent on each employee’s personal efforts. Therefore, it is self-evident for us to say that our personal is our most important asset. With this as a foundation, it becomes equally natural for us to try to utilize and practice each employee’s expertise in the best way. To enable such a workplace, both employers and employees must take a joint responsibility to achieve this.

Therefore we at Agile Management Group have created value words that our corporate culture is funded upon and these are; responsible, trustworthy, friendly, creative, committed, courageous and permissive.