AW Candy – Yoga


Yoga is a great teambuilding activity that strengthens both mind and body. Last Friday we at A-M-G had our first Yoga session together!

As consultants at A-M-G we don’t see each other as often that we would like to since our assignments vary. Hence to build and develop a strong team becomes important and essential for us. Every other week our LACE (Lean Agile Center of Excellence) meetings are to strengthen our cohesion, ventilate thoughts, share knowledge etc. At one of these meetings an idea grew of doing something else outside of work. We wanted to do a physical activity that everyone in the team could participate in. Maryam has always been very found of Yoga. Especially because we live in a high speed society and often forget just to simply breathe. Yoga isn’t just great for your body but also your mind. Here are some of the scientifically proven health benefits of Yoga:

  • Can decrease stress
  • Relieves anxiety and may fight depression
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Could improve heart health
  • Could promote sleep quality
  • Improves flexibility and balance

Sounds great, right? We believe that Yoga will help to improve not only our ability to being mindful and present in everything that we do, but also our physical health. The positive effects of combining mind and body will result in us doing a better job for our clients. Last Friday we had our first, out of six, Yoga classes at Sats Kompassen. The lovely Caroline, yogayum @ Instagram, took us through a wonderful session taking into consideration that A-M-G consists of a mix of both beginners and some more experienced Yoga performers. All and all everybody really enjoyed this activity! Afterwards we went to The Parlour for a delicious after-yoga-meal and a few drinks. A perfect ending of the week!