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Hans Hjertqvist

CEO & Founder

+46 70 943 77 27


I’ve started A-M-G, Agile Management Group to focus on business agility, i.e. how to transform customer needs into realized customer benefits in a fast and efficient way.

Contact me to discuss how we can help you in your transformation!

Maryam Ghorban

EVP Human Resources & Parter

+46 76 307 91 62

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand”
– Albert Einstein

Being a behavioral scientist specialized in Human Factors, my belief is that we need to pay more attention to the individuals in our organizations since they are the ones building it.

My main focus is to help orgranizations building High Performing Teams by education them in Neuroleadership.

Victor Källerwald

EVP Sales & Co Founder

+46 70 320 30 95

I am a socially forward person who is driven by innovative thinking and I am not afraid to go the extramile. By combining strategic abilities with a passion for technology and creative solutions I createdigital opportunities and long-term value for my customers businesses.

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